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    Tsunado is a system to distribute Alerts in a Civil Emergency, such as Tsunami, Fire, Flood, Chemical spill, etc. It support graduated alerting, Possible, Probable, and Certain, chosen by the user.
  • Alerts

    Tsunado Alert radios contain a high intensity alarm, similar to that in a smoke alarm, to get attention any time day or night
  • Information

    Central to the Tsunado Alert Radio is a radio receiver that can deliver the radio signal through a speaker, informing the public of what to do.
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How the Tsunado System Works




White Papers

The Three States of Emergency Public Alerting

Communications related to disaster events are important to save lives. This Paper considers the three types of communication that contribute to an effective strategy to ensure that when disaster strikes, there is minimisation of damage to life and property.

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A Comparison Between Broadcast Radio and Cellular Technologies for Emergency Public Alerting

TSUNADO New Zealand Limited (aka DIWA) has developed a system for nationwide Public Alerting based on Broadcast Radio technologies. The decision to use Broadcast Radio and Satellite systems as the primary communication channel, as opposed to cellular and internet based technologies, is outlined in this White paper.

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Waking a Sleeper

TSUNADOAlert Radios are provided with an internal alert device similar to smoke alarms. This White paper outlines how different and effective the TSUNADO alert is in waking a deep sleeper.

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ALERT Get Attention

The prime function for Tsunado alarms is to get the owner's attention, anytime day or night.

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INFORM Provide Information

The secondary feature, but by no less important, is to inform the owner of what to do.

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Save Keep you Safe

By delivering alerts quickly and informing owners of what to do, Tsunado saves lives.

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Tauranga City Council has published on it's website a policy for sirens and alerting in Tauranga.

The article linked to is a response and critique. 






Another large earthquake has hit New Zealand.

A 7.5 earthquake hit the South Island, at Cheviot near Christchurch, just after midnight. Multiple quakes have since followed in both islands.

Talkback Radio has been hot on the topic of alerting, or more to the point, the lack thereof.

This week we are beginning a campaign to promote the use of TSUNADO as the best method of alerting the public when such disasters occur. This was in response to MCDEM issuing a statement that they were only supporting systems based on the cellular network. TSUNADO disagrees with this approach, as it was an option written off early on in the development of the TSUNADO System as being too fragile, to unreliable, and too costly.

Watch this site for more details.


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